Feature List


  • Grid Template:
    • View videos as grid.
    • Filter items by there status (running, stopped)
    • Filter item by type (audio, video)
    • Sort items
    • Resize at will
  • Resize Videos/Audios


  • Video Player
  • Play/Process/View/Analyze/Record videos
  • Add/View/Play WebCam, IP Camera, JPEG Cam, MJPEG Cam, Video Stream etc
  • Screen Capture.
  • Video Filters: DirectShow, FFmpeg
  • Video File Formats: avi, wmv, mpg, mp4 etc


  • Audio Player
  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer, Wave Analyzer, etc
  • Play/Process/Hear/Analyze/Record audios.
  • Add Microphone, mp3, wav, MP3 Radio Stream
  • Audio Filter: WaveOut, DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI
  • Audio File Formats: mp3, wav, aiff etc


  • Automate with X10


  • Automate with Weather Temperature.
  • Send result with Email, Sms, Twitter.


  • Record from webcam, screen capture, audio/video files.
    Video recording formats: mpeg, ms-mpeg, flash, H263P, wmv, raw etc.
  • Record from microphone, streaming audio, mp3 etc.
    Audio recording formats: wav
  • Save image frames.
    Image save formats: jpeg, gif, bmp, png, etc
  • Record analytic results from extensions.
    Results are in csv format, viewable by Excel.


  • Password protect software.
  • Authenticate at startup.
  • Protect file (webcam list) with password.
  • Uses Advanced Encryption.


  • Schedule based on days and hours
  • Automate Plugins


  • Log Audio/Video errors, stoppage, etc.
  • Logs data from extensions.

Software Supported

Excel: Log Viewing

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